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About Us


We are manufacturers of a wide range of GSE products to service the aviation industry including tractor up to 70 tonnes (A380 capable).
With over 45 years experience in the design and manufacture of aircraft tractors we can offer positive solutions to the aviation industry.
With Panus purchase of Bliss-Fox combines acknowledge of not only GSE manufacturing but also includes aircraft handling service, based on the knowledge all Bliss-Fox products are design in order to reach high standard of quality and Airline expectations.

Bliss-Fox is able to supply the customers with not only aircraft towing tractors but also with baggage/cargo tractors, passengers, stairs, lavatory service trucks, water supply trucks and many other products...
Bliss-fox can supply every customer with rental and lease solution.
In 2017 Bliss-Fox just open a new branch in Kuala Lumpur in order to support the actual high requirements of Malaysia and Indonesia market.
In 2018 Bliss-Fox continue to research and develop products of the latest technology and make available the first conventional wide body tractor F1-340E 40t, completely electric with integrated GPS and WIFI/GSM device.

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