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The Bliss-Fox Fox-30E tractor is purpose designed for maneuvering aircraft to meeting the latest requirements of the aviation ground operations industry.

The Tractor is fully capable of pushing and towing aircraft up to 300 Tonnes, this means up to and including the A350 family.

Being fully electric, the tractor provides many advantages over the existing diesel tractors especially in reducing carbon footprint and total cost of ownership (TCO).

The tractor is equipped with real time diagnostic system on a touchscreen.

The cabin is fully insulated and made of composite material which provides better insulation for cold and hot weather conditions.

  • Variable Torque no transmission
  • Lithium battery pack for 6 hours operations (40 min charging time with 100 Amps power source)
  • Very lower maintenance and service costs
  • No Jerking, smooth operation
  • Zero Emissions
  • Very low vehicle noise