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Our versatile range of non-motorized equipment - perfect for efficient and eco-friendly ground handling operations


PALLET 10ft , 20ft and CONTAINER LD3

Dollies for unit load device (ULD) and cargo pallets are standard sized flatbed trolley or platform, with many wheels, roller bars or ball bearings protruding above the top surface for easy loading and unloading of ULD and cargo pallets respectively.

Since ULD/pallet rest on ball bearings, these dollies are equipped with hinge/locks to secure the position of the ULD/pallet on them during towing transportation.



Baggage carts are used for the transportation of loose baggages, oversized bags, mail bags, loose cargo carton boxes, etc. between the aircraft and the terminal or sorting facility.

Our baggage carts and cargo dollies are fitted with a brake system which blocks the wheels from moving when the towing arms is not attached to a tug. Most carts are completely enclosed except for the sides which use plastic curtains to protect items from the weather.

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