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Our Water Truck is designed to seamlessly accommodate all existing aircraft. With its enhanced design features, it streamlines aircraft servicing, promotes cost-effective operation, minimizes flight delays, reduces maintenance expenses, and mitigates environmental risks.

This self-contained module, fully enclosed for safety, is compatible with standard cab-type chassis. It offers a compact, low-profile solution, enabling easy access under narrow and wide-bodied aircraft.



The Panus Toilet Servicing Trucks are designed to provide airlines and the airport servicing industry with a fully IATA compliant capability.

It is compatible with all present and known new generation aircraft. Improved design features simplifies aircraft servicing, provides economical operation, reduces flight delays, cuts maintenance cost and minimizes risks of environment hazard. The totally enclosed self contained module is suitable for mounting on a standard cab type chassis, it provides a compact, low profile unit for driving under both narrow and wide bodied aircraft.



The Panus Potable Water & Toilet Servicing carts are designed to provide airlines and the airport servicing industry with an all stainless steel unit for servicing aircraft potable water systems.

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