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Introducing our Ambulift: Your solution for safe, efficient, and dignified boarding and deplaning of passengers with reduced mobility.
Our Ambulifts are meticulously designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring passenger comfort and operational efficiency. Discover a reliable partner in providing accessible air travel for all.

Catering truck

Experience the convenience of our Catering Trucks, designed to streamline inflight food and beverage services. These purpose-built trucks are your key to efficient, and on-time catering delivery to aircraft.

Maintenance truck lift

Elevate your maintenance operations with our Maintenance Truck Lift. Designed for versatility and safety, this innovative equipment is your solution for efficient maintenance and repair tasks. Explore a higher level of accessibility and convenience with our Maintenance Truck Lift.

Maintenance platform

Reach new heights of efficiency and safety with our Maintenance Platforms. These platforms are designed to provide secure access for maintenance and inspection tasks, ensuring worker comfort and confidence. Discover the ideal solution for elevated maintenance needs in a compact, user-friendly design.

GPU Effeti (Italy)

EFFETI GPUs (Ground Power Units) are available in various equipment versions and with ranges of power from 60KVA to 200KVA.

ACU Effeti (Italy)

The unit has been designed focusing on client real needs and manufactured following EFFETI quality standard, the GPU (Ground Power Units) 400Hz EFFETI serie FT99 is intended for aircraft power supplying combines sturdiness, safety and reliability to a neat design that suits perfectly to all your needs.

Towbars Clyde (USA)

Clyde offers a wide selection of standard and custom designed options. Contact us today if you see something you like and would like to discuss having it tailored to your specific needs.

Small electric tractors

Discover the future of eco-friendly towing with our Small Electric Tractors. These compact yet powerful electric vehicles are perfect for a wide range of applications, from cargo handling to ground support. Experience efficiency and sustainability in one compact package with our Small Electric Tractors.


Elevate your material handling capabilities with our Forklifts. These robust machines are engineered for precision, efficiency, and safety.
Our forklifts are your reliable partners in lifting and transporting heavy loads with ease.

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